Week Fifty Two

15 Feb 2007

Posted in 2007 Archives by sarahbakerhansen on 15 February 2007

— Art collectors get used to choosing the work of artists they love; this time, a number of them are doing it for a good cause. MEDICI (which stands for Most Esteemed Donors, Intellects, Colleagues and Individuals), a friends group that supports UNL’s Department of Art and Art History, is throwing a fundraiser Saturday, Feb. 17 at the campus’ Eisentrager-Howard Gallery. Modern Medicis: A Collector’s Showcase invited Nebraska collectors to name artists they admire. The selected artists each contributed a piece, and at the event, the 30 pieces will be distributed to each Premium Ticket holder who will pay $300 admission and walk out with not only a good time but a new piece. Those not interested in buying a work can attend for $50.

Collectors such as Robert and Karen Duncan, Norman Geske, J.B. Milliken and Nana Smith and Larry and Judy Roots chose artists — Santiago Cal, Karen Kunc, Deb Oden, Craig Roper and Allan Tubach, to name a few — to donate pieces. The works are on display now at Eisentrager-Howard. All money raised goes back to support the department. For more information or to purchase tickets, contact MEDICI president Tom Woods at twoods@woodscharitable.org.

— In late January the Durham Western Heritage Museum dedicated a gallery to Dick and Trish Davidson for their contributions to the Omaha arts community. The Trish and Dick Davidson Gallery includes many of the museum’s exhibits on the area’s rail history, including an 1890 Union Pacific steam engine — an appropriate choice because Davidson is also chairman of the Union Pacific Corporation. The museum also announced plans to create a special exhibition exploring Union Pacific and the beginnings of the transcontinental railroad in Omaha.

— Photographer Matel Rokke explores herself in The Self: Collections and Memories at Lincoln’s Lux Center for the Arts. Rokke grew up in Lincoln and uses a number of different photographic formats and processes, along with melding photography and three-dimensional objects. The show runs through Feb. 25.

— Sarah Baker

Sketchbook is about artistry in Omaha, Lincoln and Council Bluffs. Send information to sketchbook@thereader.com


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