Week Fifty Two

Update 2-15-07

Posted in 2007 Archives by sarahbakerhansen on 15 February 2007

Hope everyone out there had a nice Valentine’s Day. I know I did.

My Q&A with Ware ran in abbreviated form in the Reader. I won’t post it here because I already posted the entire text, but check it out in this week’s issue if you like. It’s free and available everywhere.

For next week’s issue of The Reader, I’ll be writing a review of a show called “Select Cuts” currently showing in West Omaha at the Jewish Community Center Gallery. My column focuses on an upcoming show by Bemis Resident Dane Watkins centering on his virtual comic called “The Call of the Dead.”

Also, I’m working on another Chris Ware story for Art Scene Iowa, which will be running later in the month as part of a larger story about comic art.

Comics, all of a sudden, are everywhere.

I’ll be in Lincoln on Friday for the conversation at Sheldon between Chris Ware and Sheldon Curator Dan Siedell, who tells me that the museum expects a packed house. The event starts at 5:30 and seating is first come, first seated. I’d stand, outside in the bitter cold maybe, to hear Chris Ware speak. I’m guessing it’ll be a whose-who of artists and art people from both Omaha and Lincoln, so I’ll see you there.


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