Week Fifty Two

New York: part two

Posted in Uncategorized by sarahbakerhansen on 8 July 2008

So last night I blogged about the museums I visited in New York, and today it’s all about New York’s public art. The city is rich with public art projects. Almost everywhere you turn there’s something to look at. (I count grafitti art among this, even though it’s not “sanctioned” most of the time.)

We saw two public art projects of note while I was there: Jun Kaneko’s recently installed trio of giant heads on Park Avenue and Olafur Eliasson’s four “New York City Waterfalls” installed in the New York Harbor.
I’d never seen Kaneko’s heads installed anywhere but Omaha, so it was exciting to check them out in a new place. New Yorkers seemed to walk by them without much notice (that’s what you’d expect from New Yorkers, though, I’d guess.) But for anyone paying attention, they’re a nice distraction. Kaneko’s assistants sent me some photos. Take a look.

The “Waterfalls” exhibit in the New York Harbor was simply outstanding. I took some photos but they don’t really compare to some from the New York Times. Check it out via this slide show. I’ll post some of my less impressive images later this afternoon.


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