Week Fifty Two

Weekend in Review

Posted in Uncategorized by sarahbakerhansen on 21 July 2008

Hi everyone. So I hope you all had a good weekend and did something artsy. I did a few artsy things and a few non-artsy (but fun) things. First, the artsy.

David Matysiak’s premiere of his Telephono Project at the Bemis Underground on Thursday nigh was a) packed and b) really cool. The overflow crowd drained all the red wine from the BU before we even got there – a first! – but we still managed to enjoy watching Jadon Ulrich create images for Matysiak’s collaborative songs. After the show, I bought one of only 250 Telephono box sets, which include record albums of all the songs and a CD featuring all the tunes for your ipod or car stereo. Nice.

Saturday night’s MUNNY Party, also at the Bemis Underground, was another packed event. The MUNNY dolls designed by local artist were very cool — I especially liked Renee Hoover’s bird MUNNY. A satellite Kidrobot store sold some groovy goods and my sister and I both popped for some keychains and zipper pulls. I got the cute coffee cup, part of the Yummy Breakfast Keychain series pictured at left. So appropo, right? What’s fun about it is that you buy one sight unseen and don’t know what you get until you open the box. Very Cracker Jack, grab-baggy, but I like the result of my purchase.

In non artsy news, I saw the new Batman movie this weekend. I’m a closeted comic lover and I always look forward to anything in the Batman franchise as he’s definitely my favorite superhero. This latest incarnation of darker, grimmer Batman movies have been great, and Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker is as notable as all the talk says it is. Even if you’re not into blockbusters or comics, I’d recommend seeing it for Ledger’s performance alone.

Yesterday, Alyssa Schukar (who donated her image for the site banner art) had a pool party/BBQ at her parents’ house in Lincoln. She and her family were lovely hosts, and the steamy 90 degree weather was perfect for pool partying and grilling. I made two types of veggie burgers for the party, all of which were a real hit (if I do say so myself, they really were good.) So if you’re wanting to try something new in the food department, I highly recommend either of these recipies, both courtesy of Martha Stewart. Enjoy.

Mediterranian veggie burgers with mint yogurt sauce

Veggie burgers with tahini mayonnaise

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