Week Fifty Two

Renee Ledesma Hoover @ RNG

Posted in 2008 Archives, Art openings by sarahbakerhansen on 18 October 2008

Tonight’s opening at RNG featuring the new work of Renee Ledesma Hoover was all I’d hoped it to be. Her sculptures – some standing in front of tryptichs she’s painted, and others, mostly birds, in beautifully painted, candle topped boxes looked great in the simple white cube that is RNG.

Most notably, the ofrenda – a traditional part of the annual Mexican holiday Day of the Dead – in tribute to the late mothers of gallery director Rob Gilmer and his partner Rene Orduna was a touching end to a beautiful show. I wish I had a picture of it to post here, but I know its more special in person. If you’re driving by the area of 20th and Leavenworth, stop and take a look.

My thoughts go out to Rene Orduna and Rob Gilmer on the recent loss of both their mothers. Take care. Photo of an in-progress image of a piece in the show; borrowed from Renee’s MySpace page.


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