Week Fifty Two

A word on fashion

Posted in 2008 Archives, general interest by sarahbakerhansen on 28 October 2008

Though I spend a lot of time writing about art and going to art openings, my second love (maybe even tied with my first) is fashion. I have a strong belief that fashion is art – that the creating of a piece of clothing can be akin, in its truest form, to creating a great painting, a moving sculpture, a finely rendered woodcut print.

I spend a good part of each day perusing Web sites of people who make fashion into an art form, and spend another good portion of my day perusing things to make my own being into a work of art, if you will, through the help of well-fitting, nicely made and statement making outfits.

if you haven’t delved into the world of fashion blogs, much like art blogs, you’ll find there’s tons. But I want to devote this post to a few of my favorites – blogs that never cease to reaffirm my love of fashion as art.

First on the list, Sea of Shoes. This recently discovered blog explores the very fashionable world of Jane and her mother, Judy. If you’re at all into interior design, you’ll enjoy the photos, too – their home is simply fantastic. Here’s one of Jane’s recent inspiration boards, which she regularly posts.

Next on my list is the Sartorialist, probably the best known fashion blog out there. Scott Schuman artfully photographs street style in a way that no other street style Web site does. His images make everyone look fantastic, and though some of the outfits are certainly off the wall, the images are always inspirational and fun to look at. Here’s a couple.

The last site I’ll mention today is Garance Dore, a French site that features not only beautiful images of well-dressed people but also amazing illustrations, all contributed by this lovely Frenchwoman.

Photos courtesy Sea of Shoes, The Sartorialist and Garance Dore.


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  1. Kim said, on 29 October 2008 at 3:18 pm

    You definitely need to include a pic of Julie. She is walking art! 🙂

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