Week Fifty Two

Thanksgiving musings

Posted in 2008 Archives, general interest by sarahbakerhansen on 19 November 2008

I know a lot of people prefer Thanksgiving to Christmas. I’ve never been partial to either holiday; rather, I like both. But I think there’s lots of reasons to put Thanksgiving above Christmas: no pressure to give the  perfect gift or act surprised when you get a terrible one, there’s still a few traces of fall leaves around during Thansgiving and really, you feel a lot less guilty eating a ton of food on Thanksgiving – by Christmas, your gut, and seasonal guilt, has set in. vfiles18421

I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my significant in his hometown, Red Cloud, Nebraska, home of Willa Cather and home to the lovely Red Cloud Opera House. (that’s it at right.) His parents live on a farm that I think to be picturesque in the best Nebraska sort of way, and his mother, a wonderful cook, is understanding of my vegetarianism and makes me lovely, non meat meals (just like my own mom does, p.s.) There’s something lovely about spending a holiday in the country: the open space, the cool, quiet nights, the beautiful sunsets.

The season makes me wax poetic – just like it makes me want to eat loads of casserole – so now I’ve indulged in the first of two seasonal favorites.

Don’t work too hard in the next week, don’t fret about eating too much and enjoy family and friends. I’ll try to post before the holiday, but if not, Happy Thanksgiving.


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