Week Fifty Two

Hope and Barack Obama

Posted in Art news, general interest by sarahbakerhansen on 19 January 2009

I just did a Google image search  for “Barack Obama Art” and got 1,330,000 hits. Yes, that many. And what’s also great is that I have artist friends actually making Obama art.

Two of my friends – Omaha graphic designer Justin Kemerling and Wahoo, Neb. native and now San Francisco resident Jason Hardy showed work as part of this exhibit in Washington, D.C., which ran through today. I have a photographer friend, Alyssa Schukar, on a bus with a bunch of Omahans headed for DC. I have other friends and relatives (who brought their own toilet paper and wallets full of cash for fear ATM’s might run out) and headed to the nation’s capitol to witness one of the most historic events most of us are likely to see during our lifetimes.

I wish I could have been there. Instead, I’ll be glued to my computer/televison screen/newspaper/radio tomorrow, to take in as much of this event as I can. I’ll be wearing my Obama button and hopefully toasting in the dawn of a new era with the people I love.

How inspiring it is to be witnessing the inaguration of a president that inspires 1,330,000 hits on Google related to art. I have hope. I hope you do, too.

Vote Obama





from top: Obey, Michele Guieu, collage from lizkuball.com (click for a bigger view), download your free Obama button sheet at changethethought.com/free-obama-buttons, New York Times photograph.


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  1. kumquatkween said, on 20 January 2009 at 3:47 pm

    true leaders and visionaries have always inspired artists, musicians and creators. i’m overjoyed that president obama is within those very same, very great ranks. i’m so happy today!

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