Week Fifty Two

The loves.

Posted in Art news, general interest by sarahbakerhansen on 10 February 2009


I subscribe to an e-mail newsletter called Flavorpill, and I really like its content. Recently, Flavorpill started a service called “Daily Dose,” and each day I get a little tidbit in my inbox about style, art, music, film – something cultural. I really liked the one from today.

Today’s tidbit in the “print” category talked about a new book chronicling the loves of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. My dad, an architect, exposed my sister and me to Wright’s architecture from the time we were old enough to understand what it was – his clean lines, beautiful stained glass and use of rich woods still color the design aesthetic I’d choose to live in today.

The book, called The Women, by author T.C. Boyle (the previous author of books about Alfred Kinsey and John Harvey Kellogg), examines Lloyd’s life in “intimate detail,” the Flavorpill email tells me.

“The writer sees every angle. Rather than churn out a one-dimensional narrative, Boyle reconstructs Wright’s life through the perspectives of four women who loved him — a smart move, considering that the architect was almost as famous for his romantic entanglements as for his organic architecture,” writes Flavorpill reviewer Chelsea Bauch.

And an interesting tidbit: the author lives in Wright’s only prairie style house on the West Coast, the George C. Stewart House in Montecito, Calif.

Flavorpill also provided the below links: Read an excerpt of The Women, buy the book online, check out an interview with Boyle, and explore Ken Burns’ documentary about the architect.

To subscribe to Flavorpill, click here. Image of the George C. Stewart house courtesy bigorangelandmarks.blogspot.com.


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