Week Fifty Two

Pulp Gallery is Moving/Review of Spring Break 4-Ever!

Posted in Art news, Art openings, Art review, Uncategorized by sarahbakerhansen on 21 February 2009

I just got back from a meeting with Pulp Gallery’s owner Brigitte McQueen, who talked to me about her Benson gallery’s impending move to Omaha’s Old Market. It’s a bittersweet decision to leave Benson, she said, but she’s got some exciting plans for the new space, which will be opening this spring in the Old Market passageway space across from V. Mertz Restaurant. I’ll have a full story about Brigitte’s move in the Reader on Thursday.

While I was there today, I checked out the final show in the Benson space, Spring Break 4-Ever! featuring the work of Tim McEvoy. Anyone who’s seen his work before knows what to expect walking in. He’s irreverent in the best way. This small show includes what he does best: images of hot dogs, giant hamsters, skeletons and robots in everyday scenes like on a boat, in front of a house or in a wedding photo. Taking these everyday objects and placing them in new contexts gives them a new meaning, and usually makes the viewer laugh, too. The overwhelming sense of humor is really one of the best parts of McEvoy’s work. He never takes it too seriously.

This sentence, from the press release announcing the show, sums it up well: Tim’s work may not tackle the larger issues plaguing society, but his paintings shine a light into the darkened corners of our billboard culture, the rising junk piles and our ever-changing definition of the American Dream.

Bedroom Eyes with Graveyard Demeanor, a photograph of an 80s bride in full regalia next to her painted-on skeleton husband was one of my favorites. (Maybe it’s because I have weddings on the brain.) I also liked Postcard No. 1: Wish You Were Here, showing a suburban couple standing in front of their white split entry house with a giant hamster, a collie and a robot. Spring Break: We’re Going to Live Forever showed a man, in Hawaiian shirt, waving from the dock to a boat filled with robots and a water skiing hot dog. McEvoy also showed five rock show posters he designed and screen printed, and they were a nice addition. The poster for a Black Lips show was my favorite.

The final show at Pulp Gallery’s Benson space runs through March 16.


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