Week Fifty Two


Posted in general interest by sarahbakerhansen on 16 October 2009

I always think it’s interesting to find out what blogs other people read. Most of the sites on my blogroll to the right are ones that my friends maintain; many of them make it into my regular ream of Google Reader stops. Many are art related; many have nothing to do with art. I’m a self-proclaimed blog addict, and there are lots and lots of other sites  I read that aren’t listed here. So just for fun, and because I love sharing good stuff, I thought I’d devote a post to some of my favorite blogs. When I see a new post on these sites, I get excited. I hope you find at least one you love, too. If you have a site I should see, please share it in the comments!


I don’t know Jenny Mitchell, but I feel like I do. I can’t remember how I first came across her charming site, but I remember the first thing I purchased from her store: a handmade necklace that featured a dozen amethysts hand-knotted around a big, yellow-green faceted teardrop of carnelian. I wore it all through college. It was made with so much love, I remember, and it made me feel pretty. I have continued to read Jenny’s blog: I read about how she got married, how she had her first son and then a daughter. I love the vintagey, retro aesthetic she has in her real life, and I think it transfers beautifully to her little corner of the virtual world. My current craving in her shop: the Pretty Mexican Skirt.

Maison des Reveries

Food and fashion are the two things I could think about and talk about endlessly (aside from art, that is.) I love this blog, maintained by a New Yorker named Ginnie, because it illustrates the sort of beautiful world I would love to live in: amazing food, smashing handbags and shoes, beautiful cityscapes and an adorable dog.  Her culinary adventures (and her amazing photos of food) are as exciting to take in as her regularly updated diary of outfits. Ginnie is also a fellow pescatarian with a meat-eating man in her life, so looking at her food photos gives me particular enjoyment, as it so closely mirrors my own eating habits. She also loves cupcakes, which doesn’t hurt.


101 Cookbooks

Cooking is one of my newer passions. I found it when I became a  pescatarian almost two years ago and could no longer rely on fast food or frozen dinners for meals. 101 Cookbooks is a beautiful food site. The recipes are creative, tasty, easy to prepare and lovely to look at on your dinner table. Blogger Heidi Swanson treats cooking as an art, but one she’s not afraid to conquer. I love that sense of fearlessness when it comes to food. There are many recipes on the site I want to try but one I have made time and again is the Lemon Cucumber Tofu Salad. I want to make the Peanut Butter Krispy Treats for my holiday party.

The Vintage Jewelry Blogger

Written by Viga Boland, who with her daughter sells jewelry at one of my favorite vintage shopping stops, Ruby Lane, the Vintage Jewelry Blogger is not only a purveyor of some amazing vintage finds, it is also an amazing resource for learning about costume and fine jewelry of a bygone era. Anyone who knows me know that I have a vast collection of Bakelite, that I love the modern take on vintage by designer Tom Binns and that I regularly spend hours scouring local antique stores for pieces to add to my already large collection. This site gives me new things to search out, and continually broadens my base of jewelry knowledge. After I read the post on “pools of light” a few weeks ago, I went to lunch the next day with my friend Cindy. She had on a pool of light necklace that belonged to her great grandmother. I was so excited to admire how pretty the quartz was in real life and give Cindy some insight into her jewelry. Now to find one of my own.

cityshawl2Glampyre Knits

My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was in college, and I taught myself how to knit about a year later. Glampyre — A.K.A. Stefanie Japel — was the first knitter/blogger I found after I learned the basics of the craft. Her success has multiplied since I first saw her blog – she’s now a published author of two knitting books (I own one, Fitted Knits, and I love it) and a popular knitting instructor. Many of the patterns she’s created can be downloaded free of charge on her site. She created one of my all-time garments I have ever knitted, the City Shawl. That’s Stefanie wearing it in the photo above. Whenever I feel like knitting but can’t think of what to make, I turn to this big, triangle shaped scarf. It’s not advanced but the finished product makes you look like you know what you’re doing when it comes to being crafty.

Images courtesy of Frecklewonder, 101 Cookbooks and Glampyre Knits.


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