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W52 Style: Catherine Baba

Posted in Fashion, general interest by sarahbakerhansen on 11 March 2010

Style is such a personal thing. It’s an artistic genre in its own right, and certain people just have a way with it. Fashion is one of my deepest loves, and so this is the first of what will likely be many posts about fashion on Week Fifty Two. Art is such a vast subject matter: some people make art, while others dress themselves as art, turning a handful of lifeless pieces of fabric into an eclectic personal statement.

I first learned about stylist Catherine Baba on Scott Schuman’s blog “the Sartorialist.” I constantly find inspiration from his blog–and lots of other fashion blogs–and Baba is simply a standout.

This is the first image I ever saw of Baba, from Schuman’s blog. She’s wearing so many elements here–powerful elements–but somehow they all seem to work. Thick fur coat, embellished belt, patterned harem pants, pumpkin-shaped orange bag, fierce sunglasses. I could never pull it off, yet I love it.

I can’t imagine riding a bicycle wearing either of those pairs of shoes, but how fabulous is the thought of attempting it? And again, look at the genius layering that’s happening in both these outfits. Simple staples still make their presence here: a pair of black leggings is at the heart of both of these looks, and who doesn’t have a pair of those? A kimino-inspired top, a thick waist belt, stacks of bangles and a big pair of sunglasses are Baba staples.

To see more of Baba and her work — she’s a fantastic stylist — visit her Web site.

Images courtesy of the Sartorialist and various other fashion bloggers.

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