Week Fifty Two

New York update + W52 news

Posted in Art news by sarahbakerhansen on 24 May 2010

I just spent five days in New York and am looking forward to writing a number of blog posts about what I saw. As soon as I find my pesky camera cord, which always pulls a disappearing act at the worst time, I’ll start working on those updates. I checked out a number of galleries, bought some great books I want to tell you about and saw Marina Abranovic’s The Artist is Present at the Museum of Modern Art, which was truly amazing. Come back in the next week or so for those posts (and hope I find that cord!)

Meantime, I’ve got some exciting news I wanted to share with W52 readers. Next week,  I’m starting a new job as the Public Relations and Marketing manager at Lincoln’s Sheldon Museum of Art. I’m so lucky to have this opportunity and so excited to spend my days in such an inspiring workplace. I’ll still be blogging here and I’ll also still be writing for the Omaha Reader, so nothing is changing drastically where my writing is concerned; though I’m excited to pursue some new opportunities with writing and so very excited to be a part of the Sheldon team. Look for more news to come.

 Image: Sheldon Great Hall by R. Neibel/DED