Week Fifty Two


Posted in general interest by sarahbakerhansen on 17 February 2010

So Sarah Baker – the other Sarah Baker – doesn’t really look anything like me. But we share a name, which I think might be just as important as a face. I’ve written about her before, in my column in the Reader. She’s a performance artist, from the states originally, now based in London.

She first contacted me a while back because we had the same name. Since then we’ve shared a periodic e-mail correspondence, and I find myself keeping up with her on Facebook, where we’re friends. It’s odd sometimes when her posts pop up on my page. Often, I say to myself, “wait, I didn’t post that.” But then I remember.

She invited me into her Facebook group today. Called “Dear JackieCollins,” it focuses, like most of her work, on over-the-top celebrity culture. My favorite post so far is probably “Joan Collins Fashion Forward.” I just love Joan Collins. And fashion.

Check out Sarah and her work here.